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The Bents Project was a series of souvenir cups made for a Saskatchewan ghost town (Bents). They were made at Medalta Artist in Residence and placed on the shelves in the former general store in the town of Bents. They were free souvenirs intended to be taken instead of the artifacts that had been left behind in the town. The town is a classic example of an agricultural centre that was made obsolete by the removal of the rural prairie rail system and is an icon of Saskatchewan history. The project was funded by the Saskatchewan Arts Board.

Opia is a collaborative project with illustrator and fellow west coast ceramic artist, Aura Mae. The surfaces were inspired by mythological imagery. The pieces were passed back and forth between the two artists with colour, print, texture and illustration added at different stages of the process.

2012 - 2015

2008 - 2011

2004 - 2007

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